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MC1 Inline connector SP4F-b (4-pole female) without union nut


MC1 Inline connector SP4F-b (4-pole female) without union nut





MC1 female inline connector, used on MSL custom designed systems. these connectors are widely used on connections between light fixtures.

This connector comes without the union nut (collar nut)





Enclosure: aluminum alloy, powder coated, grey


Insulator: PBC, blue


Pins and sockets: Brass, gold plated.


Screws: Brass, chrome plated.




MC1 connectors are widely used connection for electrical connections in MSL light systems and MSL-REDDY+. While systems built from 2014 exclusively use MC2 connectors, many of the systems build before 2014 are upgradable with MC2 connections, Maxtron is offering special upgrade packages for wheel light system build previous to 2014, please contact service@rideled.com for more information and price quotes, besides higher amperage the connectors feature easier installation and longer durability. The connectors are available in 4, 6, 7, and 10 conductors; inline connectors are available with and without collar nut, on male and female connectors. Need more help; click here for more information on inline connectors.


Bayonet plug for Maxtron light installation until present

Part number 25.103.022