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Does Maxtron provide Showlight systems for large scale rides in amusement parks?

Yes we do, in 2012 Maxtron has installed 2 big Giant wheels in Sandusky Ohio, (Cedar Point amusement park) and Gillians Wonderland Pier, Ocean City, NJ.

Do this show light systems have special features?

Amusement Park systems feature several upgrades to our regular base systems:

Continuous LED lighting, each light string is equipped with module to module end to end lights.

Double count on led lights. 48 G, 48 GF, and 48GW modules

Higher baud rate, for a higher frame rate.

64 colors and brightnesses.

Wireless upload abillity.

Life modus capabillity, (the showlight system operates life from a base computer on the ground), bringing your ideas in motion.

Programm possibillity, "you are in control" enabled sytem for self programming.