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We at Maxtron think different about LED lighting than our competitors. The question is why does a customer want to add a LED show light system to a ride or to a building. The answer is: advertisement, energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

In regards to the advertisement, we are working with a team of people who understand amusement ride lighting and and effective amusement ride design. It is not enought to just "stick" some LED's to a ride and the deal is done. A ride has to be be a picture, an object which is been observed by customers and attract viewers and customers.

Most of our customers or ride operators use LED lighting on high rides that are been seen from distance.This is absolutely the right thing to do. Keeping in mind that customers view your ride from a distance, clear colors, lights and programs are important.

Maxtron is experienced in advertising rides, and is able to give the customers useful suggestions. Less is sometimes more. Let us help you to design the right package for you.

There are thousands of hobby electricians who play around with LED's and producing systems which are sometimes not suitable for amusement rides. There is more to it.