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Where do i purchase my Maxtron Show Light system?

Maxtron is growing into the international market. Whether it is a show light system for an amusement ride, an entire amusement park or a building.With the growing number of different styles of lighting, there are more possibillities by the day to use our lighting. This is why Maxtron has set up sub branches in several countries as Maxtron sale office or in partnerships with existing companies, so that the customer is able to purchase a system right in that country without having to take care of import procedures or foreign currenecies.

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Why should I order my LED show light system from Maxtron?

Maxtron has produced 100s of show light systems worldwide, more than our competitors combined. Maxtron has large research capabillities and experience in the amusement sector.


What is Maxtron's back ground in the amusement industry?

Maxtron has a strong back ground and a long history in the amusement industry, we employ people who have been working with amusement ride manufactories and inspection authorites in several countries for decades. This made Maxtron the leading LED show light system provider in many countries.


Who is the Maxtron group?

Maxtron is an electronic  show light producer with its headquarter  in Hong Kong and production in mainland China. Maxtron is employing crew members from several western countries, to provide quality products for all our customers. Maxtron employs over 100 coworkers world wide. Maxtron does not produce light systems in a back yard garage with a hand full of weekend jobbers and non trained temps. Our business is to produce LED light systems only. Maxtron is  NOT a repair service for pool vacuum cleaners or "whack-a-mole" machines.


What about the warranty?

Maxtron is the only showlight system manufacturer, providing a 2 year warranty on lighting packages.


How difficult is it to maintain and operate the Maxtron Showlight system?

Maxtron and its partners have developed a LED showlight system which is easy to maintain and to operate. The system is made to be maintained without a large repair fascillity because we know that many of our customers do not have the abillity of moving electronic shops around or employ engineers. The system is simply structured and easy to handle. Parts and system is very easy to understand without having a masters degree in electronics or computer science.


Where do i get my spare parts?

Maxtron has distributors in several countries, our distributors are not just sales people but well known companies to service the products handled, Maxtron keeps necessay parts in stockwith our distributors.


What about the service?

Some of our competitors empahsize the point of production in western countries vs china, Maxtron has distributors in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Our distributors are always there for our customers, Maxtron understand that service can not been done from an office, service needs to be done on site, someone has to be there for the customer to answer questions.


What about installation?

Maxtron can be helpful with supervising the o"on site" installation or complete installed system regarding to customers requirements.


Full installation service on large scale attraction.

Maxtron offers a full installation service in the US. We are working together with a special structure installation company, that can handle complete installation service on large projects. The company is based and fully insured in the US.


What about installations and service on erected rides?

Maxtron understands, there are companies not being able to provide service on erected rides because of height, knowledge, or missing understanding of light systems that have been provided to customers. We understand, service can not been done from a chair in an office. We understand that we need to be in the field, to help our customers and to react, Maxtron has trained personal in the field, to help our customers, when help is needed. This is our strength. Maxtron is there for our cusomers, from the design to the installation, to the service.


How many colors do Maxtron LED systems display?

On basic systems Maxtron LED systems offer 7 colors, up to 64 colors available for special systems available.


Do I need more colors?

Offering more then basic 7 colors or up to 16 at the most is simply a sales argument. Dont get fooled by these tricks. Looking at the advertisements of big softdrink providers, the maximum used is 3 to 7 colors. The reason for this is that the human eye is not catching mor than these colors from distance. 1000s of colors from a distance look like some blurry mousse of light. Maxtron rather offers quality than quantity. Clear to recognize contrastful colors.


Can we link our Maxtron Show light system with other rides/ structures or a show

Yes you can, Maxtron offers a variety of possibillities to link several Show Light systems or even to a music show, it is possible to run show sequnces of a keyboard in live modus or via a software using DMX controlled shows 


Made in the western hemisphere vs made in China.

We know the fact of advertising, the location of production, in regards to some of our competitors. This are empty promises and cheap propaganda. Fact is, that most components for LED lights and chips are manufactured in Asia, no matter who provides the light systems. There is nothing wrong with that, important is the workability of the system and the service. It does not help any customer to hear big words. We are living in a global society, where many people work together. Knowledge, experiance and progress are more important than some "outdated" slogans.


 Does Maxtron offer service plans in a specific country

Yes, Maxtron is working together with installation and service teams in Europe the US and Middle America to offer scheduled service plans. trained technicians are available in serveral countries are available to service your light package whether its under warranty or not, whether its new or several year old. Maxtron is interested to have your Show Light systeme working as at the first day. Please contact us for more information or a quote for a service plan