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circular video wall

The MSL 1.5M Maxvertising Screen


The MSL Circular Video Screen is an active component of our “MAX-vertising” product line, it is fully video capable. It is also the only circular screen with a VSA of over 84%. The screen is produced for outside use. Fans are eliminated by mechanically cooled power supplies.

 MAX-vertising, in co-operation with the controller version 4 and the MSL circular video screens “MAX-View”, Maxtron is introducing a new way of advertisement. The advertisers message and/ or logo will be displayed on a circular video screen in the center of an observation wheel (screens are available in different sizes) and the MSL show light systems will display the same advertiser colors themes as displayed on the MAX-View screen. By example, the MAX-View displays the logo of a soft beverage in the colors red white and blue and at the same time the lights around the screen (spoke mounted light fixtures) will display the same red white and blue theme, with all the known patterns and fantastic transitions that have made MSL light system outstanding in the past. Now the eye of the viewer recognizes those colors as part of the message in the center screen, Voila, there is a billboard of 20 meters or bigger. The MAX-View software allows the operator to change logos and messages in time frames and the color program will follow. MSL offers many of the color patterns already in its library ready to upload to the new controller version 4.

Max-View screens are available in 1.5m and 2.2m VSA.





Technical specification:

    Product Family     MSL Maxvertise
    Screen Diameter     1500 mm [ 60" ]
    Outer Diameter     1675 mm [ 66" ]
    Depth (without hooks)     150 mm [ 10'' ]
    Surface area     2.2 m² [ 23.7 SQ FT ]
    VSA [ visible screen area ]     3.8 m² [41 SQ FT] or 84%
    Pixel Size     10 mm
    Color     GRB
    Operation     PWM [ pulse width modulation ]
    Optimized viewing distance         15 m [ 50 feet ]
    Viewing angle     140° 
    Power consumption     4 KW [ white ]
    Average power consumption     2.4 KW
    Weight     144 KG [ 317 LBS. ]
    Frame material     Steel powder coated
    Screen mounting     Aluminum anodized
    Cabinet doors     Aluminum anodized
    Shipping weight including create      350 KG [ 770 LBS. ]



Spare Part Drawing: