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LED Modules


 Max-socket, type modules


Most of the MSL Opto Semi-conductor modules are avaialble as a Max-socket type modules, which makes it easier for our customers to install these modules into new and existing light fixtures, by taking advantage of our 3 wire technology.

In the recent years we have always been asked to produce an easy to do led modules for self-installation, Maxtron listened and developed a system for our entire production line.

Available modules:

  • MSL 24S2
  • MSL 24S3
  • MSL 24C2
  • MSL 24C3
  • MSL 48G
  • MSL 48GF
  • MSL 48GWS
  • E16S
  • E16L
  • E16F

 With the MAX-socket system self-installation is done in a couple of easy steps. We provide all necessary items for the installation, CAD drawings are available for download from our website, and so that no time is wasted and while ordering the MSL light modules online the customer will be able to prepare the light fixtures for a fast installation at the time the modules arrive.

This way it is possible to mount MSL light modules and any surface of material thicknesses from 1 mm to 12 mm (3 different socket types are available to accommodate any depth of existing light fixtures and or light channels)

 For the electrical parts MSL offers a variety of control modules which fit in any existing or new electrical cabinet and can be operated with any ac to dc or even dc to dc power supplies that are available on the market and can match any layout for the light system to be produced

 Let the Maxtron team help you to get your project done in no time.

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