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 Spot-light controller 350 Watts


This MSL Spotlight controller can be used either for 2 pieces XS150W-RGB or 3 pieces XS100W-RGB Flood/ Spot lights, the controller comes with 1.5 meter (5') lead wire and can be used on 120 Volt and 240Volt outlet (the power supply has a selector switch). The controller comes with a standard program and can be connect to a potential free N/O contact for steady white light (running on white only with out the color program for loading and unloading by example). Dimensions: 300mm (12") x 300mm (12") x 150mm (6"), Weight: 5.35 kg (11.8 LBS)

The controller can be ordered online at the MSL online store (click the shopping cart at the top right corner of this page).

For additional technical assistence please conetact: support@rideled.com

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