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LED Modules



Information on medium current LED modules 




Having an increasing number of projects with indirect lighting needs,Maxtron introduces a series of medium current Opto semiconductor modules; the MSL-XS24W series.These 24 watt modules are available in white and in  RGB for multi colors projection. The modules can be mounted horizontal next to each other into linear light fixtures in length up to 6 meter and vertical to create large lighting surfaces for flood lights.


Keep in mind that it is important to see le light produced by a lamp and not the fixture itself,the horizontal version is a great solution for structural lighting because of its small widthof as little as 55mm.The MSL-XS24W fixtures are a perfect option to light up structures with small spaces.The MSL-XS24W fixtures can be easy hidden above brackets and bracings on steel structure and/or on wall offsets.With the variety of bracket available for out light fixtures these lights can be easily integrated into any structural design.The MSL XS24Wmodules are happy with the internal heatsink and do not require additional fan cooling,which is always an issue on moving and rotating installation,not just on amusement rides but as well on towers and bridges.In addition to these features the MSL-XS24W is fully integrated in the MSL lighting world,with that it is possible to create and program color landscapes as we did with all our modules before on rides,structrures,water-slides and roller coasters.The MSL-XS24W operates on the same protocol as any of our systems and can be added to existing installations.


A good example areferris wheels with an existing direct lighting package where an indirect lighting shall be added to light up passanger cars and steel structure.

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Technical specification:

    Module Type      XS24W
    Multi color     yes    
    Controllable     yes
    3 Wire Technolohy     yes
    Operational Voltage     36 VDC
    Power Consumption     0.8 AMP
    Weight without enclosure     95g
    Weight with enclosure     175g
    Wavelength green     449-531nm
    Wavelength red     619-631nm
    Wavelength blue  



Drawing Part: