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LED Modules


The MSL E 6-3/8-3 L show-light Module(V5.0/V3.5).


The E 8-3 L is the biggest one of our new cabochon replacement lights series. This module is available in 1.5 Watt and 2.5 Watt. The MSL E8-3L Module is a 1 to 1 cabochon, (Turbo light) replacement. The E 8-3 L is the right module for signage with larger spacing requirements. The MSL E8-3L Modules have all the great features of our bigger
Modules, by keeping the traditional spacing of light bulbs or "Turbo-lights". The E16L Modules are equipped with a 3 pin Max-socket  which is perfect for self-installation and refurbishing on existing rides. 


Availability:  MAX-socket only, the unit is completely cast and waterproof. The MSL E 8-3 Modules are ETL listed and CE certified and is equipped with high brightness, wide angle Osram Opto Semiconductors (LED’s).  

The MSL E 8-3 show light modules are completely sealed, Maxtron “VACseal” technology


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Technical specification:

Component Running Color Type Part No. Picture
E 6-3 L Module V5.0 64000 Colors 21.055.563
E 6-3 L Module V3.5 265 Colors 21.055.363
E 8-3 L Module V5.0 64000 Colors 21.055.583
E 8-3 L Module V3.5 265 Colors 21.055.383

     Module Type     E8-3 L 
     Multi color     yes 
     Controllable     yes 
     3 Wire Technolohy     yes 
     Operational Voltage     36 VDC 
     Power Consumption     0.2 AMP 
     Weight without enclosure     N/A 
     Weight with enclosure     96g 
     Wavelength green     519-531nm 
     Wavelength ren     619-631nm 
     Wavelength blue     461-476nm 


Drawing Part: