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20 Spoke portable  Wheel light system
Featuring C-style Modules on Aluminum Channel

The Modules used for this project are 24C Modules

Number of Modules: 2400

Power consumption on average: 4300 watt (7200 watts full load/ white)

Power requirements 3 phase 208/240 Volt (US) 380 Volt (Europe)

Light bars prefabricated 10.8 meter per spoke per side


  1. power saving,
  2. light bars don't have to be removed during transport
  3. more light patterns
  4. decrease in wheight 40% to original light package
  5. 3 wire technology
  6. advertisement advantage


In the North America please Maxtron SL, Inc, Herndon VA, 908 240 9346

or email, info@rideled.com