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LED Modules



The MSL 48 G show-light Module





  G Module for self installation, video clip  

General information to the G Type Showlight modules


MSL  G Show-Light Module


These multi-functional LED show-light modules have multiple applications within the fixed and mobile entertainment industry.   The low profile packaging is the perfect choice for small and midsized wheels with medium spoke profiles.  A variety of colored bases are available along with three different lens configurations.  The G48 modules are completely sealed using Maxtron VACseal technology.


MSL 32/3 G  32  3-color Osram LED’s – (32 x 3-color chips = 96 LED color density)
Updated G48 Module that provides improved color density and refresh rates
Premium display capabilities at a reasonable price point.
Identical in size and shape with the G48 module and can be used with the same     
     bases and lens configurations.


MSL 48 G – 48 single color Osram LED’s – (16-Red, 16-Green, 16-Blue)
Perfect solution for medium to large scale light packages where continuous lighting is required
Chipset 1 provides basic functionality (7 colors) for midsized or large Ferris/Observation Wheels  
       with larger spoke profiles
   Chipset 2  improves the color selections and display refresh rates for better graphic capabilities


32/3 G Module                                         48 G Module