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LED Modules



The MSL Full Color XM Linear Lighting Fixtures





The XM Linear Spotlight Fixture is a miniaturized version of the XS series modules to fit small area applications. The module is equipped with 0.5 Watts Osram LED's. The special design of the heat sink channel allpws cold rolling and san be fitted for applications where curved light channels are needed.

The design of the Linear LED Lighting Fixtures allows these units to be horizontally mounted on a structure for general accent up lighting. They can also be mounted as vertical fixtures on structures to provide high intensity accent lighting.

While the full color version is powered by a programmable MSL show light controller, the ingle color version lighting fixtures do not require a MSL Controller to operate. These medium power, high brightness lights work without any integrated exhaust fans to simply maintenance.

Single Color Linear Fixtures are available in: RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE and YELLOW.


The XM12W is ETL listed and CE certified.

The Modules are available completely cast in for maximum protection.


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Technical specification:

    Power consumption     12 AMP
    Number of LED's      24
    Operational Voltage     36VDC
    Length     500mm(19.68")
    Wide     30mm (1.18")
    Weight     500g (17.5 oz.)


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