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LED Modules



The MSL C 24 show-light Module.






 C Module for self installation, video clip 

General introduction for MSL C type Modules

MSL  C Show-Light Module

 These multi-functional LED show-light modules have multiple applications within the fixed and mobile entertainment industry.   One of our most popular products,
the low profile packaging is the perfect choice for small and midsized wheels with smaller spoke profiles.  A variety of colored bases are available along with three different lens configurations.


MSL C16/3 – 16 3-color Osram LED’s – (16 x 3-color chips = 48 LED color density) (click here for more information)

Current Entry Product that balances price and display capabilities.

Chipset 3 has upgraded MSL C24 features with up to 256 colors
       Improved pixel color density provides greater graphics capabilities

Chipset 3.5 provides up to 65K colors with addressing of up to 24 channels
       This chip set is for large structures were graphic advertising messages are desired with
         faster refresh rates
       This large scale display capability will be PC controlled instead of a custom MSL Controller


MSL C24 – 24 single color Osram LED’s – (8-Red, 8-Green, 8-Blue)

Chipset 1 provides basic functionality (7 colors) for small and midsized  
       Ferris/Observation Wheels with smaller spoke profiles

Chipset 2  is a legacy product primarily manufactured as spare parts for existing
       customers requiring a 48 color capability


The MSL C Show-Light Modules mount perfectly to the 55mm aluminum channels that have been specially designed and built for lamp modules using the MSL Reddy Fixtures.  They can also be mounted directly to the spokes and rim irons of a variety of wheels and other structures using the
MSL C Module MAXsocket.






This multi-functional LED show-light module is an “all-rounder”. This most popular light module is equipped with 24 Osram Opto Semiconductors and offers the same features as the MSL S 24  show-light module. The module is available as chipset 1 module and chipset 2 module, additional features of the chipset 2 module are higher speeds and additional colors and shades. The module is, because of its size the perfect choice for small and midsize Ferris and observation wheels, with smaller spoke profiles. The C 24 show-light modules mount perfectly on to the 55mm MSL aluminum channel, which is specially designed and produced for our C 24 and G 48, show-light modules. The C 24 modules can be easily mounted to spokes and rim irons of Ferris Wheels and other rides. In addition on preconfigured light bars or light fixtures the MSL C 24 show-light module is available as EZ-connect or MAX-socket version. The Max-socket module is a great choice for self-installations on existing structures or sceneries. Since all our Modules are driven with the same e protocol, The MSL C 24 show-light module can be easily combined with the MSL S 24  show-light module and the MSL G 48  show-light module, similar lenses are available.


The MSL C24 module is ETL listed and CE certified.

 Click here to download the Spectrum Test Report


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Technical specification

    Module Type     C24 
    Multi color     yes 
    Controllable     yes 
    3 Wire Technical     yes 
    Operational Voltage     36 VDC 
    Power Consumption     0.2 AMP 
    Weight without enclosure     53.4g 
    Weight with enclosure     143g 
    Wavelength green     519-531nm 
    Wavelength red     619-631nm 
    Wavelength blue     461-476nm 


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