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LED Modules



The MSL S 24 show-light Module.

 S Module for self installation, video clip  

General introduction for MSL S type Modules

MSL  S Show-Light Module

These multi-functional LED show-light modules have multiple applications within the fixed and mobile entertainment industry.   One of our most popular products,
the low profile packaging is the perfect choice for small and midsized wheels with smaller spoke profiles.  A variety of colored bases are available along with three different lens configurations.


MSL S 16/3 – 16 3-color Osram LED’s – (16 x 3-color chips = 48 LED color density), please follow the link to S16/3 module

Current Entry Product that balances price and display capabilities.

Chipset 3 has upgraded MSL S24 features with up to 256 colors
       Improved pixel color density provides greater graphics capabilities

Chipset 3.5 provides up to 65K colors with addressing of up to 24 channels
       This chip set is for large structures were graphic advertising messages are desired with
         faster refresh rates
       This large scale display capability will be PC controlled instead of a custom MSL Controller


MSL S24 – 24 single color Osram LED’s – (8-Red, 8-Green, 8-Blue) 

Chipset 1 provides basic functionality (7 colors) for small and midsized  
       Ferris/Observation Wheels with smaller spoke profiles


16/3 S Module                                        24 S Module