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Wave Swinger 

Several Wave Swingers in Worldwide are retro fitted with Maxtron LEDlight packages.

Maxtron has produced customized fiberglass light bars to replace the existing wooden light bars on this ride.

All fiberglass molding is done in house.


Types and styles of Modules used in this package

24 S Modules used for under ceiling, outer parameter and scenery, 576 piece (# 21.001.300)

24C Modules used for tower and operator booth, 216 piece (#21.002.300)

Max. power consumption: 2370 Watts

For North America, please contact Maxtron SL, Inc. Herndon VA 908 240 9346 or email: info@rideled.com




Channel body: Fiberglass; Aluminum, silver anodized
Protection: IP66
Base and Lens material Bayer Makrolon, UV stabilized
LED: 24 piece Osram OSC's, RGB
Operational Voltage: 36 VDC
Configurable: No
 Controller  1 main controller and 2 sub controllers
Certification: ETL, UL, CSA, CE
Packaging: Wooden crate
FOB: Herndon, VA, USA
Place of Origin: China