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Nauta 33 Meter Gondola Wheel Reloaded
24 Spokes feature 24C Modules on Aluminum Channel

The Modules used for this project are 24C Modules

Number of Modules: 3264

Power consumption on average: 5500 watt (9700 watts full load/ white)

Power requirements 3 phase 208/240 Volt (US) 380 Volt (Europe)

Light bars prefabricated 13.6 meter per spoke per side


  • power saving,
  • light bars don't have to be removed during transport
  • more light patterns
  • decrease in wheight 40% to original light package
  • 3 wire technology
  • advertisement advantage

For North America, please contact Maxtron SL, Inc. Herndon VA 908 240 9346 or email: info@rideled.com