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 Matron introduces the New Version 5 controller

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1.       The MSL controller version 5, the new controller enables the customer/ operator to completely interact with the light show of the MSL system by either writing an own show or, and that is the important change, light show aps can be downloaded from the MSL online store, MSL is in preparation of a library, of light show programs and color themes for our complete product line. With this controller, MSL introduces a whole new concept in writing programs. In the future the operator will have the option of preparing light show online by using browser based software, The MSL Colorlabs online. This will enable coworkers, associates or customers to implement their ideas what they would like to see as a light show (by example parks and carnivals are able to start a light show contest for their target groups and customers). After a quick review the operator is then able to upload the program into the controller via SD card.

2.    System that are in operation with the V1 or V2 controller can easely switch the units, the hole pattern inside the Main controller box matches the hole pattern of the V5.

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