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Led Spotlight



The MSL XS 250W RGB Spot light




The MSL XS250W RGB is equipped 10 MSL XS 24 W modules.This fixture is available with either 15 and with 40 lenses.The unit has the same features as the XS100W and can be combined with any MSL show light system.The light features 240 Osram Opto semiconductors (1 watt LED's).The XS 250 RGB is designed to live without any additional or integrated exhaust fans,which eliminates the cleaing maintenance of the light fixture.The light is made with anodized aluminum and comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket.

The lights are sold in packages of either 4 or 8 fixtures and a controller (bigger packages on request).  The controller can be operated with 120 Volt or 220 Volt.


Technical specification:


    Module Type     XS250W RGB
    Muti color     yes
    Controllable     yes
    3 Wire Technolohy      yes
    Operational Voltage     36 VDC
    Power Consumption     250 Watt
    Weight without enclosure    N/A
    Weight with enclosure    18.0Kg
    Wavelength green     449-531nm
    Wavelength red     619-631nm
    Wavelength blue     464-476nm



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250 Watt




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