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 MSL Mobile LED 







Maxtron programmable, full color, mobile LED light solutions.


The perfect way to add a programmable full color LED show light system to any roller coaster vehicle and more.


  • The system is 100% battery operated, it can beoperated without any power connection. It works of a 12 Volt battery, the battery pack can be configured depending on the number of MSL LED light modules and space in the vehicle.
  • The controller can be programmed to the course of the track to emphasize the dynamic of the vehicle. Initiated by a start signal the program is timed due to the duration of the ride in order to preserve power. Pre-programmed controllers are available, just send a video of the ride, and we'll do the rest.
  • The free configurable system supports all MSL light modulel, whether show light modules for side installation or spotlight modules for the front or rear or under floor lighting. Pre configured sets,  including 1 mobile controller, either 10 pieces, 15 pieces, 30 pieces or 45 pieces,  socket type LED light modules for self-installationare availble as well
  • Each package comes with 1 sensor for start and all wiring material. As for the modules the sets can be fitted with 24C, 24 S or E16 F modules. Battery and charger not included.


The MSL mobile controller comes in a waterproof aluminum housing with flanges for easy installation. The wiring includes the connections for battery and charger.

Pre-configured Mobile packages can be found at the MSL Online Store.

LED Modules to chose from can be found here