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Customized Light Fixtures



MSL offers a variety of standard aluminum light channels. all standard channels are produced particular for MSL LED showl light modules. The 68 mm * 30mm light weight channel is designed to fit the MSL S-type modules. All light modules and accessories (bases, lenses, connection boxes) can be changed from the front without deinstalling or opening of any fixtures. MSL aluminum light cahnnels are produced according to high industry standards. The aluminum profile extrusion (AL 6063-T5) comes standard silver anodized (15µ). Powder coating is available in standard RAL colors.


The MSL aluminum light channel offers several key features:


  1. Mounting Track: for fast and easy installation; the light channel provides an inside track for for one or two- sided flanges. The flanges can be moved to compensate possible differences of fixation points.
  2. The light channels can be delivered in length up to 6 meter (20') and can be seamless joint together for longer extensions.
  3. The MSL fixture channel provides expansion joints to compensate expansions on long runs (tower structures)
  4. The aluminum channel offers room for multiple wire feeds for large installtions.




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