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Customized Light Fixtures




MSL cable system, FLEX LIGHT







The MSL Flex Light system had been developed for multiple applications:

  1. For situations where stiff aluminum light channels cannot be used (following coaster tracks or round ornaments). The Hi-Flex stainless stel cable makes it easy to bend, even sideways without the ends connected. the MSL cable system is available for C-style modules and G-style LED light modules. the cable system can be used in conjunction with other MSL light fixtures. Multiple attachment accessories are avaible to fix the cable strands to structures.
  2. For applications where with longer stretches between 2 points without center support, by example on observation wheels with a low number of spokes, in this situation the cable system can be clamped between the axle and the rim construction. The cable light system is a perfect solution, to add light fixtures to Wheels (fake spokes).
  3. For ceiling or over-head lighting






The LED light modules can be installed with variable spacing. Most common spacing for the C-style module is 250mm center to center










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