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Led Spotlight

XS Module Track Light

         The MSL XS25W  single color is equipped 1 MSL XS 24 W modules. This fixture is available with either 15° ,40°and with 90° lenses. The unit has the same key features as the XS50SC,XS100SC and the XS150SC. The light features 24 Osram Opto semiconductors (1 watt LED’s). The spotlight is designed to operate without any additional or integrated exhaust fans, which eliminates the cleaning maintenance of the light fixture. The light is made with anodized aluminum and comes with a stainless steel mounting bracket.

            The fixture includes a AC to DC power supply which can be operated with 110 Volt AC as well as 220 Volt AC. No additoinal controller needed. 1.5 m,lead wire included (5').

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