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Save money and the environment! LED technology is the most energy efficient form of
lighting available today. LED’s are more than 8 times efficient than traditional bulbs, the
use of LED’s can save more than 90% of the electrical utility cost over incandescent bulbs.
The saving doesn’t stop there. LED’s have longer life span than incandescent bulbs which creates
additional savings on replacement costs and maintenance hours.

Gain a marketing advantage! LED applications are most effective for amusement park signs and
rides. The vivid and bright colors mounted on Ferris Wheels and other rides become giant billboards
advertising the park from great distances. Traditional rides receive a new “SPARK” and become
suddenly the center of interest.

Our LED lighting packages provide the most versatile presentation available. A simple press of a
button on a remote controller changes the overall theme. Color scheme, flash and direction can
be established in the blink of an eye from a variety of available computer driven programs.
This added value encourages extended stays and additional rides. The show is impressive enough
to encourages repeat visits and “word of mouth” advertising brings new patrons in the park.

          LED’s are light emitting diodes the most modern and efficient way to produce light.
            Light emitted from LED’s is the most pure light available and creates colors that are
            that are incredibly sparkling, The LED units produce almost no heat and can last for
            decades.... so much longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.


Our LED’s and related equipment are manufactured to the highest standard in the industry. All
components are of the highest quality and are fully tested before included in any application. One
reason why most amusement park and carnival operators around the world choose MAXTRON
products. MAXTRON LEDlite has become a brand known for its reliability. Although individual LED’s
can last for decades, their companion equipment must also perform with a reasonable expectation
of withstanding daily operation in the elements. Outside applications are especially vulnerable to
rain. To eliminate any problems that may occur, each MAXTRON LEDlite module has been
completely sealed to ensure continuity in performance and longevity.

Rust and corrosion are matters of concern for outdoor applications. Although our LEDlite modules
are available in many different styles and shapes to accommodate different applications,
installations on large rides frequently requires that the individual modules be mounted on channels.
MAXTRON LEDlite products are designed and manufactured for custom use in the amusement
industry and MAXTRON products are ETL listed and CE certified.