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 What is the difference between the 24C and the 48G



1.       The 24C is a cheaper option for your lighting package, if the budget is an issue you should go with the 24C.


2.       The 48G module brings twice as many led on your wheel, as the name 48 (48 LED’s per module) represents, this module offers you twice the lights.


3.       The 24C is sufficient for a professional ride lighting system, it can be equipped with the same controller as the 48G.


4.       The 48G module will produce a brighter ray of lights due to humidity (the lights been seen from larger distance).


5.       The 24C module uses half the current of the 48G module (16 Amps per phase @ 3 phase 208 service)


6.       The 48G module provides a continuous light string with no gaps between the module


7.       Both modules can be operated with the V4 controller, which enables you to download programs (light patterns) and load these through a SD card


8.       Both systems come with our ColorLabs software to writhe programs (light patterns) yourself.


9.       Both systems can be upgraded to new software in the future.


a.       Planned options: phone app which allows you to download programs and load them directly from your phone to the wheel (November 2016).


b.       Faster speeds


c.       Text options for your light (writing text messages on the wheel).


10.   Both systems let you upgrade the lights to additional light fixtures (fake spokes in the future). A cable system will be installed between the actual spoke lights to double up the number of fixtures.