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     One chip OSC’s vs three chip OSC’


The use of 3 chip OSC’s (Opto Semi-Conductors or LED’s) finds its application more in displays the recent years.

1.       A one chip OSC, is a LED with only one chip (waver) in a certain color.

2.       The colors in displays are most likely red, blue and green.

3.       The use of color addition (lighting more than 1 color at a time) mixes the colors to a different wave length.

4.       All three colors together display most likely white light.

5.       The rule of thumb is per 1mm distance between the pixels the viewer should be 1 meter (3’) away from the light source.

a.       Example are the light dots 5 mm apart the viewer eyes mixes the color in a distance of 5 meters (16’).

6.       If a light source is been viewed from a loser distance it makes sense to fix the light dots closer to each other.

a.       This is the point of 3 chip OSC’s

7.       A three chip OSC combines all 3 color in one LED and mixes the light already inside the OSC package (housing).

Maxtron offers both version of Light modules to its customers, the reason for that is first of all that our philosophy is to be able to provide identical parts for at least 10 to 12 years, the second reason is that the one chip OSC is without a question a far more stabile LED.

Maxtron has changed the Source of OSC’s and uses now very successful the OSRAM OSC’s. The single chip black label LED is without a question a strong piece, with minimum failures (less than 0.1%) in 3 years. The OSRAM three chip OSC, Maxtron is using, results in a higher price of the light module and a 3 chip OSC reacts more sensitive to temperatures and impact.

If the use of 3 chip OSC’s is not urgent necessary because of the viewers proximity we at MSL suggest single chip LED’s.


When making the decision of which OCS to use the customer should take the time to view the light from the same distance as the viewer will do in the future.





24 C module equipped with single chip OSC's           16/3 C module equipped with 3 chip OSC's