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Maxtron SL, Inc. (MSL) offers programmable LED show light solutions for any kind of projects. Starting up with amusement rides on carnivals and parks, MSL is not limited to amusement rides only. The MSL LED light systems can be used on any kind of structures as observation towers buildings and much more. Because of its unique design and continuously added products MSL offers the widest variety of LED light products that can be operated of a programmable controller or as a stand-alone. Programmed LED light systems are expandable and new products can be added to existing systems. As of this time several different types of controllers are available, the reaches from single controller modules, which can be integrated into any electrical enclosure with sufficient space over SD-card  operated controllers to Wi-Fi enabled controllers which can be updated with new programs from a central location or via internet.

MSL ColorLabs

·         Optional preprogrammed and IC operated.

o   The basic version is a Memory chip operated system, linear or matrix and comes with a preset program.

·         Optional software for custom programming.

o   This allows the customer to design and program light shows in house, with a special configured input software,  matching the needs and the layout of that particular system


·         Customized event programs

o   Can be generated by customer.

·         Max-link technology.

o   Linking systems.

·         DMX to Max-link interface.

o   Possible through 3 digit input device.

·         Show control to Max-link interface.

Possible through time code reader.

In addition MSL controllers offer the option of being operated in live modus. The light programs can be changed from a computer via a network connection for shows and special events, where programs from a library can be played on time.

Downloadable Programs


MSL offers programs to be downloaded at www.my-msl.com . MSL continuously expands its library for program downloads through our website.