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From the Idea

 Adding additional spoke lights to a wheel show light installation


Numerous customers and operators have decided to add light fixtures between the existing spokes of a Ferris wheel to enhance the possibilities of programming a light show. The additional light fixtures enable the operator and/or programmer to display more complex and bigger light patterns because of the higher number of pixels available.

Maxtron has developed a cable system which can be easily installed between the axle of the wheel and the rim irons. Each cable system features the same module type as used on the aluminum fixtures and can be addressed and programmed the same way as all other fixtures.

The cable system minimizes wind load on the fixtures since both sides of the light modules are shaped round and the space between the modules does not have a solid surface as a regular aluminum fixture.


The electric connections can be made on either or both sides of the cable light fixture if needed. The cable system is available for 24C light modules and 48G light modules.