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From the Idea

 Color Labs 1.2


 Maxtron introduces programmable lighting sulutions, with the option of operating a lighting controler either self-contained, or live via Wi-Fi or Lan.

  1. The selfcontained option requires to load one or multiple programs that are either purchased by MSL through our onlne shopping portal www.my-msl.com, or are produced by the operator (customer). The programs can be chosen with a remote control and changed at any point of time. the operator has the option of creating different themes for differnt clientel or diferent times of the day or occasions.
  2. The Wi_Fi or lan operation enables the operator to load these programs directly, without accessing the controller phisically directly from a computer that is running the ColorLabs program. This version offers the optin of having a large library stored and programs can be switched by a 3 digit number on the key pad. Live or online version offers the capability of synchronizing the light show to, by example comercials on an LED video screen and raises the impact of advertising product by coloring the lights in the same colors playing on the screen. This capabilties opens the market for additional revenue on the LED light system.

The ongoing effort of improving MSL, we now offer MSL color Labs to our customers of selected MSL light systems. MSL Color Labs puts the operator in the driver (designer) seat. The software is available for downloading. All what’s needed is a PC with windows 7 installed and of course lots of good ideas. After the piece of art is done the software is emailed to MSL and the new program can be shipped out via UPS or downloaded from our Website.  Please contact the MSL service, for more information.


Download MSL ColorLabs manual login required