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 Easy to install light fixtures and components


For Steel structures as tower or observation wheels:

95% of the installation of Maxtron light fixtures, no drilling or welding is needed. We at Maxtron understand that drilling or welding on an existing structures as observation wheels, towers or roller coasters, driling or welding may not be an option, because of regulation, location or service reasons. MSL has developed a "NO DRILLIING NEEDED" installation system which enables our customer to have a fast and clean installtion on erected structures without the need of dismanteling components. Most fixtures can be installed from service plat forms or service ladders on wheels or with the help of lifts on tower structures.

the internal wiring saves time and keep the MSL system wiring seperated from other existing wiring on a structure in order to obey electrical and local codes.



For buidings and other structures:

As light fixtures being customized most components can be attached to existing mounting points on building through the MSL flex track system which enables the installer to freely move mounting bracktes to any chosen position.