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 Additional information about Maxtron Show light systems.



Operational voltage of the modules.

 Maxtron Opto Semi-Conductor Modules are operated on 36 VDC, instead 24VDC like conventional LED lights.The input voltage of 36VDC cuts down on current and with that on wire gauges and weight, of the whole system, it also enables or system to operate over long distences without a significent voltage drop at the end of the line. 36 VDC is a safe operationlk voltage which is common in newer LED light systems. It eliminates about 30% of additional wiring needs and is able to feed over 200 watts in a single lead line, whic is important on large scae structures where long distances must be covered



 Centralized controller.

 Maxtron light systems feature a centralized light controller, depending on the installation the light controller can be connected to several decentralized controllers via MAX-Link network. The positive aspects of a central controller is to be able to upload software updates, show programs and features to a single show control computer in order to have the system up to date in the years to come. Updates can be uploaded via WiFi, Network line, MicroSD or USB devices.



Maxtron  "hard addressed" Opto Semi-Conductor Modules.

 Maxtron Opto Semi-Conductor Modules are single addressed light modules which give you the comfort of have a complete system still operating even when a single module fails. Conventional light system with so called inline control fail or show a "out of sync" program if one light module or fixture fails to operate because of not transmitting its address to the next neighbor, which is at the best case starting with its virgin address again or the worse scenario, the rest of the que line doesnt know what to do at all., inline controlled systems are often advertised as easy to maintain and to install, well that is only true for the initial installation (the manufacturer). The problem starts during maintenance.