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From the Idea

  “LEDS” light up your business!


 No matter if it’s a building, a structure or an observation wheel, there are many positive aspects to think about, not just that replacing an existing light package of incandescent lights will save energy and reduces the usage of power by up to 90% (calculation based on a lighting package with 11 to 15 watt incandescent lights) but also attracting viewers and put a smile onto faces of young and not so young anymore.

Here are some key aspects listed that may help you with the decision.


  • A colorful, MSL system, adds movement even to static structures or observation wheels. by example the wheel, there are time that a wheel is not operated, being loaded or maintained, the light show is still moving on, which expresses a living and active location, showing the viewer that the park/ attraction is ready to operate.
  • Light attracts all potential customers and an outstanding MSL system attracts even more customers, viewers are taking the time to look at what the business has to show and makes people pay attention to what they see and eventually guiding people in your direction.
  • MSL can help to create a landscape of light; our light systems are connectable via MAX-link, so that more than one system can either be operated by itself or as part of the “BIG” picture, to attract not just viewers in the proximity of your location but as well from far away.
  • MSL systems are prefabricated, built to suit and are easy to install.