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About MSL:

¡  Maxtron LED Light Modules have been first introduced in 1998 in Germany by “Kairies Elektronik”; a company specialized in electronics for the amusement industry.

¡  Maxtron LTD Hong Kong started the LED light module production in 2003 in China for “Kairies Elektronik”

¡  Until today the controllers are still produced in Germany. The LED modules are produced by Maxtron ever since.

¡  Worldwide are more than 200 LED light systems powered by Maxtron.

¡  Maxtron has its headquarters in Hong Kong and a production facility in Dalian, NE China.

¡  Besides distribution centers in the US, Europe and Hong Kong, Maxtron works with sales representatives in several countries

¡  Maintenance and Installation partners in the US and Europe

¡  Spare parts outlet in the US and Europe

The technology:

¡  Maxtron show light systems are operated on 3 wire technology; this technology was designed to operate segments of light systems on 3 lead wires to saving installation work and material.

¡  Our systems are able to bridge long distances with only one signal wire.

¡  No shielded wires necessary.

¡  Maxtron Show Light system is designed to withstand physical impact (vibration), environmental impact (water, heat and cold) and….

The Flexibility:

¡  Ability to listen to our customers and creating new products in accordance to the needs of our customers.

¡  Ability to react fast and straightforward to the ideas and wishes of design and maintenance teams of operators and owners.

¡  Custom made designs and pre-produced fixtures can be created in accordance with design teams of our customers.

The possibilities:

¡  Creating landscapes.

o   Creating a light environment throughout an entire park and linking rides, buildings and structures throughout an entire park with Max-link

¡  Wireless uploads.

o   Custom programmed light shows can be uploaded via a special Wi-Fi, through a programmed U-key or can be run live through a Wi-Fi connection or a LAN network

¡  Custom-made program designs.

o   The customer is able to program own light shows

The program:

¡  Optional preprogrammed and IC operated.

o   The basic version is a Memory chip operated system, linear or matrix and comes with a preset program.

¡  Optional software for custom programming.

o   This allows the customer to design and program light shows in house, with a special configured input software, matching the needs and the layout of that particular system

¡  Customized event programs

o   Can be generated by customer.

¡  Max-link technology.

o   Linking systems.

¡  DMX to Max-link interface.

o   Possible through 3 digit input device

¡  Show control to Max-link interface

o   Possible through time code reader

The customization:

¡  Customized Light fixtures shaped and build to suit.

¡  Production of individual aluminum fabrication to fit on sceneries.

¡  In house aluminum fabrication for signage.

The installation:

¡  Installation is available through Maxtron partners in the US

o   Maxtron maintains partnerships with installation firm in the US which are specialized and capable of large scale installations on high structures

The Warranty:

¡  Maxtron provides 2 year limited warranty on all parts.

o   Parts will be available in the US and can be ordered online (December ‘13)

o   All future light and control fixtures are down-gradable to operate with existing systems.

The service:

¡  Service plans are available

o   Scheduled service contracts are available to check and improve existing systems.

The most complete system on the market:

¡  Maxtron offers the most complete Show Light system available, with direct and indirect lighting fixtures operating of the same signal.

¡  Upgrade compatibility is guaranteed.


o   The signal compatibility offers the option of extensions and additional lighting for future projects.